Terms & Conditions

Standard conditions of sale

LECSAFE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Terms & Conditions are also provided on the back of your Account Application Form.

Acceptance of Conditions
By placing an order, the customer hereby accepts the following conditions, which may be varied only in writing by Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd.
Minimum Site Fee
Lecsafe reserves the right to charge a minimum fee of $250 on any site visit. This is dependent on the quantity of tests performed.
Terms of Payment
Our standard Terms of Payment are as follows: 30 Days from End of Month.
Break-Up Pricing
Any break-up of pricing quoted is submitted for the purpose of a guide only. Should any of the quoted components or figures be removed from the total contract, we reserve the right to revise our quoted price.
Site Inductions
Unless specifically stated in our quotation, no allowance has been made for any site inductions. These, where required, will be charged to the customer at the standard hourly rate.
Liquidated Damages
Unless specifically stated on the quotation, we will not accept liquidated damages. Where acceptance of liquidated damages is specifically stated, these shall in any case be limited to a maximum of 1% of our net contract amount per week to an overall maximum of 5% of our net contract amount and shall only then be applied where the cause of such damages is directly applicable to actions on our part.
Consequential Loss Liability Limitation
It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the power has been returned to all “Critical Equipment” and that the equipment is operational.
Cancellation Fees
If work is not able to be proceed as arranged and if no alternative activities can be undertaken at site, a cancellation fee of 20% of the contract will be charged if the work is confirmed with an agreed start date set and is then cancelled or re-scheduled, based on man hours and materials committed to the work at the time of cancellation where these are not able to be otherwise deployed.
Hazardous Sites & Materials
Unless specifically stated in the quotation, the quoted price is based on the assumption that the work for which this quotation is submitted will be executed in a hazard and hazardous material free environment. It is a strict condition of this quotation that the customer accepts full responsibility for the resolution of any problems and for delays and additional costs which may result from the presence of these hazards or hazardous materials in or about the site on which the works (or any part thereof) are to be performed and which have not been previously notified to Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd.
Our quotations are based on the understanding that the contract will be carried out as one continuous project, devoid of delay and with the provision of equipment and services by others as and when needed. Hold over time, waiting time, industrial disputes, inclement weather or any other time spent because of delays/prolongation caused by others will be charged at the standard hourly contract rates. Lecsafe also reserves the right to claim for additional costs where the client requests acceleration of the works to meet revised programming.
Performance & Performance Data
Performance data provided by us is based on our experience and from up to date regularly calibrated test equipment. Please be aware that we can accept no liability if performance parameters are changed by the customer at the site after final testing and verification.
In the event of conflict between these conditions and those which may be included in, or implied by any document forming part of an enquiry, specification, quotation, order or contract, then these conditions prevail except in as far as they are expressly varied by us in writing or by law.
The customer agrees not to solicit or attempt to entice away from Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd any employee, consultant or individual acting on behalf of Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd, or engage any employee of Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd in any other capacity unless given the express permission in writing by Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd.
Electrical Safety
Please note that during the course of testing when works are being conducted, that any items of electrical equipment are found defective or deemed to be unsafe by our technicians the item will be tagged as unsafe, the customer will be notified and the item will be not be re-energised until such point that the existing condition is rectified and made safe in accordance with state regulations. All costs for repair works carried out by Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd staff, including labour and materials where required, will be chargeable to the customer’s account.
Contract Conditions
We confirm that prior to acceptance of any order for works; the conditions of the contract must be mutually agreed with our company.
In the event that at any time during the term of the contract any new or additional taxation is imposed which affects the cost of materials, services or labour associated with the works, or which may apply to the total invoiced costs, such increases shall be added to the contract sum.
Rise & Fall
Unless specifically stated in our quotation, this quotation is based on the cost of labour and materials at the date of this quotation and is subject to price variation if the quotation is not accepted and confirmed within 30 days of date of quotation.
Site Amenities & Ablutions
We have assumed in our quotations that all site amenities, parking facilities and ablutions will be provided by others free of charge to our company. If not provided and where additional costs are incurred to Lecsafe for these amenities these will be invoiced at cost to the client.
Consequential Loss Liability Limitation
Unless specifically stated otherwise in our quotation our liability for loss of production, loss of income, the opportunity to earn profits, the financial consequences of business interruption and indirect and consequential loss shall be limited to $1.00.
CPI Adjustment
All Service Agreement pricing is valid for 12 months and then subject to CPI increases unless stated otherwise in our Contract.
Confidentiality of Documents & Proprietary Information
Drawings, specifications and all other information supplied by us as part of our tender shall be regarded as confidential, shall be used only for technical information, consisting of drawings, specifications, calculations and design shall remain our property and must not be copied or disclosed to any third party unless authorised by us.
Work Site Access
Our quotation is based on free and unrestricted access to all required work areas subject to site permits or other access conditions previously notified and agreed in writing with Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd.
Live Work Clause
Unless specifically stated in the quotation it is our strict policy to not undertake live work or work near live conductors.
Site Conditions
Our quotations are valid only if the site installations and equipment are in the same condition as stated when the quotation was prepared. Any additional costs incurred due to changes or further damaging of equipment by others will be deemed to be a variation of contract.
Service Delivery
Delivery periods quoted are subject to change and as such should be treated as estimates only. We will endeavour to meet delivery dates but do not accept any liability for failure to complete the contract within any specified delivery period unless specifically stated otherwise in our quotation.
Inspection & Sign-Off
Upon completion of work the customer will be notified, invited to inspect and requested to sign off all works as being completed as contracted. If after sign off the customer subsequently discovers other equipment or items that require our technicians to revisit the customer site, Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to claim additional callout and labour costs.
Information & Drawings
All descriptive specifications, illustrations, drawings, dimensions etc, furnished by us are approximate only and are not intended to be by way of general description of the goods or service and do not necessarily form part of the contract unless specifically identified as such by us in writing.
Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd maintains all insurances required under law to undertake its business activities.

Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd maintains adequate insurance that protects the company property, in addition to the interests of third parties resulting from negligence of Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd.

It will be solely at the discretion of Lecsafe Australia Pty Ltd as to whether it assumes the responsibility based on business/commercial practice.

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